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Autonomy is defined as “the right or condition of self-government.” It is one of the values of Maturing Gracefully in the way our staff operates individually. Also, in the way we strive to represent this trait in the homes of our members and caregivers. This core value is tied in with responsible one-to-one attention. It’s one of the things that makes our company a unique place to work and to receive care.

Autonomy works best with the selection of tremendous staff and caregivers. We are happy to see that our professionals come from diverse backgrounds and are here to serve. Also, in screening for caregivers we make sure our members are cared for by those in line with our autonomous approach. Through our tailored plans of care, it is certain all members are given the appropriate attention. In unison with these plans, autonomy and professionalism we are making strides in member health.

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