Budgeting for member needs helps to satisfy member support and overall quality of life. Monthly needs could include such items as food, housing, clothing, emergency care and enjoyment. The share of spending for these items should be divided adequately to make sure all areas are satisfied. Doing so creates a well rounded picture of wholeness in satisfying the budgetary needs of the member.

Most of us are trained to embrace past habits which effect our current spending. A good rule of thumb is wants versus needs. Spending for the items that rejuvenate and bring enrichment is always good. The last thing you want is treating every penny like it is your last. However, tools include listing out the items you need the most paid or purchased during that time. 

Excel spreadsheets can help if you are looking for a deep catalog. However, something as simple as a list of areas totaling out to a monthly spending habit is possible. Dividing along the weeks or even days helps tremendously. They say “don’t put your eggs all in one basket.” The same is true in spending, to ensure members’ needs are addressed.

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