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                Of the philosophies that Maturing Gracefully identifies with there exists cultural appreciation. It is one of the key characteristics as exemplified by our approach to member health. In service to a diverse member population we try our best to address language barriers. With member specific cultural tailoring this in turn helps us in our efforts. Overall, to understand similar future interactions with new members and remove similar barriers to care.

We recognize the need to serve a diverse member population. Many of our members come from previous programs which may not have taken a cultural appreciation approach. Our care managers take time to evaluate what has worked with our culturally diverse members. What keeps Maturing Gracefully unique as an AFC is our expertise in serving this group. This characteristic of our program from our beginning has been the cornerstone in our tailored plans of member care.

                Language, culture and household values is member specific in the navigation of cultural appreciation. The attitudes of integrity, dignity, and understanding helps us in identifying what works.  Takeaways from our approach shows this is an asset to our AFC. Indirectly, we are making the viewpoint known that there is no all in one approach in cultural appreciation attitudes. Making the overall understanding that member lives are just as unique as the plans tailored for them.

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