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With the aide of our stakeholders and the immense effort of our staff, Maturing Gracefully has been Accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

The process involved a very concentrated effort. It also looked at current and future goals of the company. Such include stakeholder groups impacted and a review of internal data systems. The process has left Maturing Gracefully very grateful and more knowledgeable. We’d like to extent a big thankyou to all the staff, members and caregivers who were involved in this effort.

With this accreditation we now hope to impact more members in a positive way. Expansion efforts will be used to both strengthen current facilities as well as make way for new ones. Our review of our programs of care will continually be our focus. Also, our short term and long-term initiatives will be highlighted in our interactions with stakeholders. We are very optimistic with what the future holds for our members and their caregivers.

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