One of the main objectives of Maturing Gracefully is removing barriers to care. We know this is one of the characteristics of our AFC program that positively separates us.  Having staff that are just as diverse as our member population ensures that this is possible. Barriers to care are removed through acknowledging demographics in language, culture, economics and educational background. In professional standards we make sure to make all members specific needs addressed.

Now and in the future, pursuits respecting member culture helps us and members mutually. We acknowledge there can be differences in educational background, economic factors and geographical restraints. However, we have curbed barriers to satisfy our member group. Many of which who have had trouble obtaining AFC support in the past. This is what we assess in our tailored plans of care.

All in all, we know our members had and still have barriers to care. It is our precise efforts for our member group to recognize and address these barriers. Doing so helps AFC as a whole and streamlines efforts for current and future members. Not only because it helps member retention, but we feel simply it is the right thing to do.

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